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Illustrated with some of Ivy Wallace’s most memorable and evocative paintings, in this dramatic adventure Pookie banishes Winter from Bluebell Wood . . .

One autumn dawn, winter comes early to Bluebell Wood. A fierce storm brings trees crashing down and Belinda knows many woodland creatures will have lost their homes. Together she and Pookie work quickly to prepare warm beds and food then Pookie flies out to guide his homeless friends to shelter in the Cottage. The next night, another fierce storm brings snow. Pookie, shocked and angry at how cruel Winter can be, banishes him from ever coming back to Bluebell Wood. 

At first Pookie is the hero of the day! The woodland creatures are delighted and hold a special feast to thank him. But things in the forest start to go awry: plants, animals and nature itself soon tip out of balance. Too late, Pookie realises he has made a terrible mistake. To try and put things right, Pookie makes an amazing flight to the North Pole to find Winter and try to persuade him to come back so the balance of nature can be restored.

Pookie puts the World Right

  •   Hardback  32pp 280 x 220mm  

      Paperback. 32pp 280 x 220mm

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