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Based in Scotland, Pookie Productions Ltd is owned and managed by the daughters and grandchildren of Ivy Wallace (1915-2006), author, illustrator and creator of Pookie, and The Animal Shelf series of children's books.  

Our Story

Rights and Licences

January 01, 2018

We welcome enquiries from interested parties about licensing and merchandising opportunities. Previous licensing partners have included HarperCollins Children's Books, Cosgrove Hall Films and Buena Vista International


June 03, 2013

Pookie Productions Ltd is the copyright holder and worldwide licensing agent for the work of Ivy Wallace, children’s author and illustrator.

New Beginnings

January 11, 1994

Pookie Productions Ltd was relaunched by Ivy and her two daughters. Ivy set out to re-create artwork lost from the original books. The new editions were an instant success and Pookie  hit the best-seller lists once again.

Ivy's Bluebell Wood

March 27, 2018

Pookie lives in Bluebell Wood . . . As a child, Ivy loved the wild bluebells that flowered in the Lincolnshire Wolds near her home in Grimsby. In 1950, she planted fifty native bluebell bulbs in the garden of her home in Scotland. Over 70 years, the plants have spread throughout the surrounding woodland, creating a vivid sea of deep blue in spring. Photo May 2019.

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