'Pookie is a little white rabbit with soft floppity ears, big blue eyes and the most lovable smile in the world’.  So begins the first story in the classic series about this endearing, courageous little character . . .

However, Pookie is not like other rabbits because he has two tiny useless wings! The other rabbits tease him about them which makes Pookie very sad. When he sees the beautiful moonfairies flying through the moonbeams at night, he wonders if perhaps he could be like them. But his brave attempt to fly ends in disaster when he just falls down hard and hurts his nose. 

Early one spring dawn, Pookie decides to set out to seek his fortune, although he has no idea what it might be.

His quest takes us with him through the seasons in Bluebell Wood, a world full of fairy folk, elves, goblins, birds and animals who live, work and play among the trees, toadstools, foxgloves and ferns. He encounters playful pixies, kindly elves and helpful woodland creatures, but not a single one of them, not even Wise Elf, knows what his fortune might be. Eventually Pookie discovers that his fortune depends on finding love and so he journeys on.

Finally, winter comes. Lost in a snowstorm, Pookie, starving and in despair, can go no further. Blown on to a cottage doorstep, he is found by Belinda, a woodcutter’s daughter. A lonely little girl with a heart of gold, Belinda saves him and mends his broken heart with a kiss. Pookie discovers his fortune at last: the love of a true friend.  And the magical secret of his wings is finally revealed . . . 


  •  Hardback   32pp 280 x 220mm 

     Paperback 32pp 280 x 220mm  

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