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In this adventure, Pookie, bored with everyday life in Bluebell Wood, takes flight on an amazing trip to Wonderland!

After Belinda reads the story of Alice in Wonderland to Pookie and his friends, Pookie longs to visit such an extraordinary place. Although his friends are content with their familiar world, Pookie thinks his everyday life is rather dull and boring and wishes something different and exciting would happen. Suddenly his day takes a very unexpected turn when he finds himself falling down a rabbit hole, straight into a big adventure . . . 

His wish comes true and Pookie encounters a host of well-known characters and nursery rhyme folk straight from the pages of storybooks. At first the little white rabbit revels in the fun but with cup-and-saucer trees and cooked pictures for breakfast, nothing is quite as it seems. 

Pookie follows Alice’s adventures through Wonderland and soon finds himself wing-deep in a muddle! As things get ever more confusing, Pookie realises his heart really does belong with Belinda and his own special friends in Bluebell Wood.

Pookie in Wonderland

  •  32pp 280 x 220mm 

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