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In this beautiful Christmas story, festive preparations are going on apace in Bluebell Wood with Plum Pudding Eve, Tree Trimming Day and the Great Thank You . . .   But Pookie is worried: is there really a Santa Claus? Belinda tries to reassure him but when Pookie asks his woodland friends the same question, he discovers they are also uncertain whether Santa is real. Eager to find out, Pookie waits up late on Christmas Eve and meets Santa himself!  

Santa tells Pookie he is worried too because so many children have stopped believing in him. Immediately, Pookie wants to help! Santa takes him on a thrilling moonlit sleigh ride to visit the bustling goblin workshops where presents are made. Back in Bluebell Wood, Pookie flies to tell his friends all about his adventure and Santa hosts a magnificent banquet to say thank you.

Pookie believes in Santa Claus

  • Hardback 32pp 280 x 220mm  

    Paperback  32pp 280 x 220mm  

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