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In this gentle, beautifully illustrated story, Ivy Wallace again creates an atmosphere of magic and wonder. Small children can experience the beauty of nature through the swallows' own story as they show Pookie how they go about their day-to-day lives . . .

One sunny morning Pookie wakes to find swallows swooping round Bluebell Wood!  When they decide to nest beneath the eaves of their woodland cottage, the little white rabbit with wings and Belinda are so excited! Pookie joins in the fun as he tries to help the swallows build their nest. Soon the birds lay their eggs and the tiny babies hatch. Pookie and his friends help to look after them through the long summer days as they grow and learn to fly. 

All too soon the chill of autumn comes and it's time for Pookie to say goodbye to his new friends and understand why the swallows must fly far away before they return again the following spring. 

Pookie and the Swallows

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