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One morning the Woodland Folk of Bluebell Wood awake to discover that Goblin Market has gone! Something has upset the goblins and they have packed up their wonderful market and vanished! 

With nowhere to go for their daily provisions, gallant little Pookie decides to help everyone by opening his very own shop. He works tirelessly, and with Belinda's help, bakes lots of cakes and gets everything ready.

Next day at dawn, Pookie's shop opens. Everyone is so pleased and in no time at all everything is sold out. Delighted at his success, Pookie is determined to reopen that evening. But he quickly realises how tiring and demanding it is to restock his shop each day. Now Pookie understands just how important Goblin Market was for everyone in Bluebell Wood. By chance, he discovers exactly what happened to drive the goblins away - and how to bring them back!

Pookie and his Shop

  • 32pp 280 x 220mm 

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